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Umno then and now

"Today’s Umno, under its present leadership, is probably beyond reform. Our leaders are the problem, and they have structured the party, bullied and bought it, so that they cannot be replaced by those who would lead to serve.But no other party can do what Umno once did, and must do again" Tungku Razaleight -

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Umno then and now
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Umno is a party with great deeds to its name.

Umno was founded in 1946 to defend the rights of the Malays and the Rulers. It formed an alliance to unite the people of Malaya in working out and achieving our independence in 1957. In 1963, Umno’s leader, Al-marhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, worked out an even bolder vision, the formation of Malaysia, which on Sept 16, he proclaimed, had been “decided upon after much care and thought,” the fruit of “mutual consent by debate and discussion, inquiries and elections”

He declared his pride in the way “we have created Malaysia through friendly argument and compromise. The spirit of co-operation and concord is living proof of the desire we share for a common destiny.” This spirit he called the very “basis of Malaysia” and its “augury for the future.”

Malaya and Malaysia were achievements of vision executed by patient deliberation. Umno’s leadership articulated that vision, won others over to it, and helped forge the constitutional underpinnings for a new nation in negotiations over many months. “Step by step the concept came to life.” Constitutional discussions were pursued in the teeth of an internal communist insurgency, violent confrontation with neighbouring countries determined to frustrate the union, and under the cloud of the Cold War.

Nevertheless, Tunku said, we succeeded “because the ideal of Malaysia caught the imagination of all the peoples concerned.”

This, in its youth, was how Umno realized its mission of being the party of the Malays and the party of the nation. This is how Umno protected the sovereignty of the Malay rulers, and achieved the eminence of Malay political leadership. We were able to “catch the imagination” of all the peoples.

We had the confidence and leadership to envision a new nation not once but twice and to bring it to birth. Despite there being far fewer educational opportunities for young Malays in those days, we had the calibre of leaders to articulate this vision, draw diverse communities into it, and to found it on the rule of law. We had the confidence to unite people under a vision of the common good.

Contrast the breadth of vision we had fifty years ago, and our method of naming and solving our problems then, even in the face of serious threats to our security, with how we conduct ourselves now, having surrounded ourselves with self-made threats while real challenges such as education and the economy go begging.

Umno’s most recent achievement has been to wrest power by underhanded means from a democratically-elected state government. In doing so we came across as the party of the desperate, not the confident.

Contrast the broad field we ranged over, with the narrow stage we now strut before a shrinking audience.

Today’s Umno, under its present leadership, is probably beyond reform. Our leaders are the problem, and they have structured the party, bullied and bought it, so that they cannot be replaced by those who would lead to serve.

But no other party can do what Umno once did, and must do again.

Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Speech on Malaysia Day 16th September 1963


THE great day we have long awaited has come at last - the birth of Malaysia. In a warm spirit or joy and hope, 10 million people of many races in all the States of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah now join hands in freedom and unity.

We do so because we know that we have come together through our own free will and desire in the true spirit of brotherhood and love of freedom.

We have made our decision after much care and thought, finally arriving at mutual consent by debate and discussion, inquiries and elections held over two and a half years.

We can feel proud indeed of the way we have created Malaysia through friendly argument and compromise. The spirit of co-operation and concord is living proof of the desire we share for a common destiny.

What better basis for Malaysia can there be, what finer augury for the future?

The road to nationhood has not been an easy journey. Surprises and disappointments, tension and crisis, have marred the way.

The peoples of Malaysia, however, have endured all trials and tribulations with confidence and patience, calmness and forbearance, with faith in our final goal - Malaysia.

In the first eighteen months of political and constitutional discussions, beginning from May 1961, things went ahead favourably, because the ideal of Malaysia caught the imagination of all the peoples concerned.

We can all recall the remarkable enthusiasm and interest aroused then in the evolution of Malaysia.

Step by step the concept came to life. The activities of the Malaysia Solidarity Consultative Committee, the merger talks between the Federation of Malaya and Singapore, the broad agreement reached in London to establish Malaysia, the appointment of the Cobbold Commission and its exhaustive inquiries in the Borneo Territories, and the subsequent establishment of the Inter-Governmental Committee - all these steps were taken in internal harmony and in full public view.

Suddenly towards the end of 1962 the situation changed. Communist China committed unjustifiable aggression against India. I stood up for democracy and condemned China’s attack.

One immediate reaction was that Communists throughout South-east Asia retaliated by an indirect assault upon me by opposing my idea of Malaysia, and they set about creating every possible difficulty to baulk Malaysia.

Other external complications occurred - the Philippines’ claim to North Borneo, the sudden and abortive revolt in Brunei, and the startling adoption by Indonesia of a policy of confrontation against Malaya.

All these events projected an international crisis in South-east Asia this year, the climax coming in June. The successful meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Malaya, Indonesia and the Philippines, followed by my own conference with President Soekarno in Tokyo eased tension considerably and brought new hopes for harmony and peace.

Prospects for a Summit Conference were good, confrontation from Indonesia subsided, so we went ahead with arrangements for the final talks in London on Malaysia.

The Malaysia Agreement was duly signed in early July. Unexpectedly Indonesia reacted most strongly, renewing its policy of confrontation with the result that the Summit conference of leaders of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines at the end of July began in an atmosphere of doubt.

The Summit conference ended in an agreement by the three countries to form an Association of States of Malay origin to be known as Maphilindo.

It was agreed that in order that the partners in Maphilindo could welcome Malaysia the United Nations Secretary-General should be asked to ascertain anew the wishes of the peoples of Sarawak and Sabah. That request has not been implemented.

Now finally the peoples of Malaysia are celebrating the establishment of Malaysia. This is the time to think earnestly and hopefully on the future of Malaysia as the whole country resounds with joy.

So I pray that God may bless the nation of Malaysia with eternal peace and happiness for our people.

The Federation of Malaya now passes into history. Let us always remember that the Malayan Nation was formed after many difficulties during a long period of national Emergency, yet its multi-racial society emerged, endured and survived as a successful and progressive nation, a true democracy and an example to the world of harmony and tolerance.

As it was with Malaya, so it can be with Malaysia. With trust in Almighty God, unity of purpose and faith in ourselves, we can make Malaysia a land of prosperity and peace.

In doing so let every Malaysian in all the States of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah ensure that our Malaysia is truly worthy of the aims and hopes we have shared, the trials and stress, we have endured, in working together to achieve our common destiny.

Written by razaleighhamzah

February 13, 2009 at 6:10 am
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YB Tengku,

Let us not be foolish. When UMNO was originally established, I believe the aspirations of the leaders then were to, like you mentioned, protect the Malays and its Sultanate and perhaps with the view of eventually achieving independence from the British. However, in order to have the independence work out smoothly, the British threw a spanner in its work by asking UMNO to ensure the other races were of the same minds as of UMNO or the Malays. They were left with no other option but to work with the Chinese and Indians. It was around then, Onn Jaafar wanted to have a multi-racial party system within UMNO which was severely opposed by the Malays. Nonetheless, Malaya achieved independence after working together among UMNO, MCA and MIC. Fast forward, how Malaysia had grown into after 50 years? Malaysia is lacking behind in many sectors vis-a-vis Singapore. The important ingredient which Malaysia is missing to progress like Singapore or any of its other peers is that they system adopted by the government over the years. Over the years we have been hearing cries of Malay supremacy and all other fanatical rhetorics, to the extent of UMNO leading the Malays to falsely believe they need to uphold NEP. Yes, Malays were led into believing false accolades which had thrived in their hearts. False accolades thrives in the hearts of those who are heedless of its dangers. It is also a thief in the mind, robbing its believers of courage, zapping away their bravery while the detractors stand mocking, cackling in laughter behind their back. Let us not be naive to believe that after 40 years of MEP implementation, the Malays haven’t achieved what it was originally set out of. The Malays who have yet to have three proper meals today are those who were not part of the looting team of masked under the NEP policy. When NEP was created, the aims was noble but a few smart alecs cleverly made used of the system to enrich themselves and the habit of doing that descended down till today. They had created a bad habit until it is too strong to be broken and the poor Malays with no connections suffered as a result. The situation now had been further exacerbated with the influx of less pure Malays like the Indonesians. If indeed the Malaysian government is sincere and keen to build a nation comprising of all races, then rhetorics like closing down vernacular schools, naming the Chinese and Indians as immigrants and Malay supremacy should not be raised at all.

When comes to the administration of the country’ wealth, which want do you prefer? An open and transparent disclosure of facts and figures as prctised by the Singapore government or the one which is currently adopted by the Malaysian government where no one exactly how the revenue of the nation is actually spent? We all know that Malaysia is very much a blessed country, rich in natural resources and need not be reminded through adverts and fliers, but the question which is right in front of us is how the revenue is being spent? On such a small population and enjoying the kind of peace that would have put our neighbouring countries like Thailand and Phillipines to shame, one would have expected Malaysia to rise above all, including resource-less, Singapore, in terms of prosperity. But Malaysia continue to run a Budget-deficit, even during the high growth phase of past years. It has been said many times over that there are lots of leakages, but they remain speculative.

As they say, one can never draw a curve from a single point. So one cannot draw any conclusion from one single point of view. Similarly, the view of the present government must be counter checked by views from various other parties. But were their views sought and sincerely considered by the government? The various developments in the country now suggest otherwise. I believe meritocracy is widely practised in Singapore and the leaders that you have today are most probably the best of the lots that are available. I do not think they are necessarily the best in the world though. So I think it is erroneous to believe that they can out-think or out-manoeuvre other world leaders, be they politicians or corporate leaders. Hence, Singapore never hesitate to welcome to their fold, talents who are prepared to call Singapore their home. Malaysia has lost many bright and talented students to Singapore due to the so-called affirmative programme. How much longer do we want to fall behind? Has the current regime has any firm policy which could stand the test of time, bringing Malaysia back to where it was once before i.e. second to Japan when we achieved independence!


13 Feb 09 at 9:26 am
Dear Tengku,

Is there any promises you have made to TAR that makes you unable to quit UMNO and you must sacrifice all your time and brilliance to save it from sinking?

Back then, what makes you change your mind to dismantle Semangat 46 to come back to UMNO Baru? Something must have change then for you to make the comeback.

It is a great pain to see a great person by you being ignored by your own party and nation. This is a great loss to the country as we need right thinking people like Tengku to be up there leading us out of this recession and country’s political mess.


13 Feb 09 at 9:51 am
“Today’s Umno, under its present leadership, is probably beyond reform. Our leaders are the problem, and they have structured the party, bullied and bought it, so that they cannot be replaced by those who would lead to serve.”

Dear Tengku,
UMNO is beyond redemption. It is rotten from the top right down to the branch level. A tree with rotten roots. Every single member is there for handouts, free gifts, contacts, benefits, positions, power etc.

Since you have admitted Umno is beyond reform why stay in it? You should distance yourself from filth and diseased souls.

I will not make any more comments in this blog UNTIL YOU LEAVE UMNO. Your departure will awaken the many foolish blind followers in the party to see the light. Your action will benefit the country. UMNO will destroy this country. So help us!!!!!!!!!!!


13 Feb 09 at 10:13 am

Alas, you now stand alone in being the sole member of the royalty that deserves and (have earned) the love and respect of all Malaysians. What you are doing in UMNO I have no idea… imagine how wonderful Malaysia could have been, had you become our PM. Here is a sincere suggestion: Keeping in mind the high regard Malaysians have for you, and the sense of duty you have in serving the country: why not join PR and come next election we retake Malaysia from the corrupt??


13 Feb 09 at 11:00 am
I saw the clips on your contributions to the nation here A man known as Tengku RazaleighA>


13 Feb 09 at 11:49 am
YM Tengku,

I was born in raised in a family devoted to UMNO, between late 60s to mid 80s. My father was a kampung UMNO leader in KT back then, and so did a few of my uncles. I recalled how excited my brothers and I together with friends were every time there was election, carrying UMNO and BN flags. One thing I remember though, to my father, people always come first and family second. That’s why we never be rich. Whatever little that he might have ‘amassed’ went directly to the people. We had a poor chinese neighbor and my father never shy to stop by their house, asked how they were and lent whatever help that he can afford. We were not poor but we never rich. Often times, we ended up eating the left overs from last night for breakfast because my father told us that anything that we wasted means that he would have had that much less resources to help others. My father never vied for any party posts and in fact always turned down any nominations for power. His argument was then that he could not take any more responsibility than what he already had. On the day he died in 1987, we collected more than $5000 in donation and that’s a lot of money for kampung folks at that time. Thousands turned up for his funeral and even the subsequent evening tahlil, most people who turned up did not eat anything because we did not have enough food to go around. Even then, the same crowd turned up for all the 3 nights tahlil that we did.

Where are all these UMNO leaders now? Are they all dead?

I thank Allah that I did not end up following my father’s footstep - and that is to join UMNO. Otherwise, I would probably be one of those people who are ‘lupa diri’.

YM, I pray that you can do something much much more ‘radical’ than what you have been doing now in whatever time that you have left in your life. I don’t see anyone else within UMNO, whom can take this fight to that ‘tipping point’.

And YM, please do not shy away from that responsibility.


13 Feb 09 at 12:05 pm

Your comment above brought tears in my eyes. I share your grief and regret for UMNO’s current predicament. Both my grandparents were UMNO members who sacrificed all they had for the cause. Unfortunately, none of their children and grandchildren would want to have anything to do with UMNO today exactly because of the state beyond redemption it is currently in.

YM Tengku, I understand your sentimental attachment to UMNO as expressed in the last sentence of your post. However, with all due respect, why can’t you openly throw your support to PR and give them a chance to lead? The people in PR can’t possibly be that bad that they’ll do much worse that the current BN leaders, can it?

For its own long term survival, UMNO needs to be temporarily taken away from the gravy train of federal government. Only then UMNO will be able to unearth sincere Malay political warriors and weed out mercenaries and the unscrupolous.


13 Feb 09 at 12:46 pm
YM Tengku, it is heartening to know that there is still a noble politician in UMNO, albeit a dying breed. I believe you will serve the rakyat of this country well by leaving UMNO and continue your struggle for a truly united Malaysia. The path of your struggle is yours to choose but when you do I am sure many Malaysians will strongly support you.


13 Feb 09 at 1:06 pm
The person who actually started the destruction of UMNO was the one who set the nomination quota. If it had not been set, I’m sure Tengku would have been chosen to be the president. It isn’t that UMNO members can’t see, just that they can’t voice it out, because of the system. Even UMNO members are supporting opposition. If UMNO leaders are chosen directly by members, I’m sure it would have been completely different now. The scenario we are seeing now is one created the destruction car, the other is driving it now and the third guy is accelerating it. If Tengku is chosen, it can only slow down the car,but it will still move towards destruction.

Do you think the leaders now prefer the status quo or changes to the system where power to choose is given to members?


13 Feb 09 at 1:30 pm

If you are really sincere in serving the people, why not join Pakatan Rakyat?


13 Feb 09 at 2:10 pm
I mean…

If you join PR, RAHMAN prophecy can become RAHMAT…
as you are certainly Prime minister material.


13 Feb 09 at 2:14 pm
justonevote and abuluqman04

You represent the Malays that I used to know and love when I was young and in my young adulthood. What has gone wrong are the Malay Wannabes (the real recent Pendatangs) that don’t have the generosity of heart of the true Malays.

The Tunku was a towering Prince among men. He together with 3 other towering leaders formed and led Malaysia. It is a pity that the rot started with Tun Razak, the father of the current DPM. Like father like son is all I have to say. With Tun Razak, he did not live long to enjoy the fruits of his treachery to the Tunku. Will history repeats itself.

Maybe it is you, Tengku Razaleigh that will replace the Tunku as another prince among men. I can understand why you would be reluctant to leave UMNO as you are not one who runs away when faced with adversity but remember the adage that one needs to live to fight another day and there’s more than one way to skin the cat. I am sure you can lead a group of true UMNO Malays who think like you do and be another front (perhaps recruit Zaid as well). You don’t have to be part of PKR but please be part of PR. You will make an excellent Prime Minister or DPM. Malaysia needs leaders like your good self


13 Feb 09 at 2:24 pm
Dear Tengku,

I am not sure if the President of UMNO automatically becomes President of BN but it is the President of BN that becomes the PM, if BN has the majority.

You certainly have sufficient support in BN.

If only Presidents of component parties can become the President of BN, I suggest you and your supporters in Parliament join one of the smaller parties in the BN with you as President - perhaps PPP?

Suggest you make it known that you want to become president of BN soon and work on taking over as PM at the end of March 2009.


13 Feb 09 at 3:54 pm
Dear Tengku,

One more step after what I suggested above, once you become PM, merge all the BN components into one party.

That way you would have remained true to any undertakings you have given about your loyalty and taken a wonderful step for Malaysia.


13 Feb 09 at 4:01 pm
Dear Tengku,

I notice “Singapore” in your last paragraph - excellent!!

When you are PM, bring Singapore back but not as before. Keep the politics separate but mesh the two economies into one plus have some laws that override both national laws, just like the European Union


13 Feb 09 at 4:06 pm
I agree with Bangsa Malaya.

We have start campaigning for a vote of confidence for Tengku Razaleigh in Parliament.

I am sure the opposition PR won’t reject this idea.

Someone who commands the support of majority in Parliament comes March.


13 Feb 09 at 4:15 pm

Regarding your statement of “After 308, we have political leaders from BN and PR champion for CHANGE for a BRIGHTER FUTURE for THE RAKYATs and MALAYSIA and our leaders are with COURAGE to CHANGE by CREATING NEW VALUES and our leaders are with the PULSE of THE RAKYATs.

Please advice who are the political leaders from BN? I did not see any new positive changes out from BN political leaders apart from hate mongering and racisms remarks.


13 Feb 09 at 6:08 pm
I very much disagree with your last sentence..which I still hope that it is a typo error from your part.

“Together For 1 Nation, 1 Malaysia as 1 United Bangsa Malay”

Bangsa Malaysia instead of bangsa Malay, anyone?


13 Feb 09 at 6:09 pm

TQ for reading and share like minded concern.

The error is due to cut and paste. It is Tagline for “Together …. Malaysia.”

As for the leaders concerned whether from BN and PR, all of them are playing with fire along race/religion/language… etc. NATO.

If you look at Leaders Blog from BN and PR and also retired leader all claimed to be ready for CHANGE and HEARD THE RAKYATS but it is all NATO and continue to rule by divide along race/religion/language etc.

Cintanegaraku aka 1 United Bangsa Malaysia believes that there is place for BRAVE LEADERS who are ISSUES CENTERED to UNITE INDEPENDENT BN’s MPs and ADUNs to join forces with like minded ISSUES CENTERED MPs and ADUNs from BN and PR together with THE RAKYATs as THE RIGHT VOICE and FORCE for a BRIGHTER FUTURE for THE RAKYATs and MALAYSIA.




13 Feb 09 at 6:51 pm
[...] a comment » Interesting article from Tengku Razaleigh Umno’s most recent achievement has been to wrest power by underhanded means from a [...]
Merdaka Malaysia! « Negaraku Malaysia

13 Feb 09 at 10:12 pm
YM Tengku,

My earliest memory of you was when you visited my elementary school in Kelantan in 1977. I was only in the 6th grade then but I can now clearly recall how you and your entourage arrived in a gleaming, red S-Class Mercedes Benz around noon time. It was a very hot day and I could clearly see beads of sweat on your princely face as you got out of the car. Of course, I didn’t know anything about politics but all I could think was that one day I would be able to own and drive a red Mercedes Benz.

Fast forward 30 odd years later, I now do own a red Mercedes Benz and more. How did it happen? How a poor kampong-boy from a remote, forgotten village in Kelantan manage to get this far? While many factors contributed to my success, I cannot deny that UMNO and UMNO’s policies which included the National Economic Policy (NEP) did play an important role in my life. Under NEP I was selected to attend a boarding school, and I was awarded a scholarship to study in overseas university. I am not afraid to admit that if I were born non-Malay, I probably would not get the opportunities.

After completing my studies and returning from overseas, I wanted to pay back what I had received. I wanted to serve the people, and develop our country. I wanted to follow the footsteps of my father who, for decades, served as a teacher and gave everything he had for the people in the village and for UMNO. I recall we alwayd had UMNO meetings of sort or another every other day or so in our own home.

I got a job and settled in Selangor and joined an UMNO branch there. But I was very disappointed. What I saw was no longer the UMNO of my father. Among its members I didn’t see any spirit of service to the people anymore. I saw many members who were there just because the wanted something for themselves, be it construstion contracts or lands or positions.

Then I saw more a more disturbing trend of paying cash in order to get elected. I was shocked. I never saw anything like that during my father’s time.
When I talked about it with father, I saw tears in his eyes. By then he was already retired from politics but I knew he still loved UMNO. I also knew then that UMNO has left me, it was no longer the party of the people and for the people.

Over the past 15 years, I saw that money in politics and corruption have become much worse. UMNO is rotten all the way to its core. With heavy heart, I left my beloved country about 10 years ago.

I pray and hope you will succeed but I realize the odds are all against you. Godspeed.